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River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes Improvement: Project Update

Construction of Phase II is beginning!


The following article was submitted to Marda Loop’s December newsletter by Ward 11 Councillor, Brian Pincott.


Dear Marda Loop Source,


As you are most likely aware, River Park, Sandy Beach and Britannia Slopes are currently undergoing a major improvement project. Phase I is now completed and Phase II is slated to begin. In recent years it became apparent that the area was in need of a large-scale improvement. Since 2009, the City has been working with residents via a public engagement process to develop a management and design development plan. In 2014, crews began working on Phase I which was made up of improvements that were immediately necessary, such as, trail restoration and improvements, changes to off-leash area boundaries, and the installa- tion of fencing for the protection and restoration of the park’s natural areas.


Now, construction of Phase II is beginning! This phase of the project includes a broader scope of work, including:


  • Turf management and restoration work
  • Changes to river access for dog
  • Replacing the parking lot
  • Dedicated watercraft access to the river
  • Planting and implementation of living fences
  • Amenities upgrades including:
    • Signage
    • Washrooms that meet current environmental and accessibility standards
    • Upgrades to Sandy Beach playground
    • Picnic areas redesigned to accommodate more groups
    • Repairs to benches
  • Management improvements to park including:
    • More frequent waste removal
    • Additional waste bins screened to minimize visual impact
    • Higher level of turf management
    • Enhanced bylaw and education strategies in off- leash areas
    • Development of coordinated plan with stewardship organizations


To improve citizen awareness, signs will be posted throughout the park describing the work being done. Phase II is expected to be completed by end of 2016. We will continue to update my website and my Facebook page as often as we get new information, so be sure to stop by regularly to see what’s coming next. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact my office with any questions you might have.


Brian Pincott
Councillor, Ward 11
The City of Calgary
Phone: 403-268-5056


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