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Pace Car Program

Safe drivers wanted for Pace Car Program.

We’re all concerned when motorist speed through our neighbourhood, take illegal shortcuts, or roll through stop signs. In response, the Marda Loop Communities Association has adopted a simple and effective traffic awareness program, first conceived by Parachute, a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.

The concept is simple and effective. Place a yellow PACE CAR decal on the bumper of your vehicle and lead by example. By adhering to posted speed limits and following the rules of the road, you set the pace for the motorists who follow behind. Pick up a decal and join the team. Posters for our PACE CAR awareness campaign can be found on neighbourhood fences, construction sites, and freeway overpasses throughout Marda Loop. A special shout out to Tony Norman and his mobility committee for putting wheels on this campaign. Thanks Tony.