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MLCA Receives Provincial Funding for Preschool Space

The MLCA is thrilled to announce that we have received a grant through the Alberta Government’s Community Initiatives Program that will allow us to renovate and lease long-term space for our Preschool program.

The MLCA Preschool Program was at risk of having to close due to lack of space to run the program. The Preschool program spent many years renting space at Altadore School, spent five years at St. James School, then moved back to Altadore School for the 2014/15 school year. We received notice in 2013 that due to higher enrollments the schools were no longer able to provide us space. The search for long-term space was launched and many options were assessed.

Through the tireless efforts of our Preschool Space Planning Committee, headed by Susan Vukadinovic, an opportunity to lease space long-term at the Calgary Community Reformed Church was identified as the most feasible option however the space would require renovations in the vicinity of $90,000 in order to support our Program. Grant money, sponsorship and board support would be required in order to make this plan a reality.

And a reality it is. Our new Preschool space is ready for students for the September 2015 school year!

The MLCA is very thankful to the Government of Alberta for providing $53,916 to this project. By investing in this space, the MLCA is assured of space to operate the program well into the future. Our teachers and students will be able to return to the same environment each year and we will not be faced with the risk of having to secure new space each year or close the program.

We also wish to thank our other sponsors for this project – New Century Designs, Urban Craft Homes and Caroline Abougoush, Barrister & Solicitor who all donated services in-kind. And thanks to our contractor, Katra Investments Inc. for completing the project on time and on budget!