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Community Survey Results

A big thank you to the 283 community members who participated in the first MLCA community survey of 2015.  We appreciate your input, feedback and ideas!  The results of the survey have been compiled into a report and they have been, and will continue to be, used by our board and staff to inform our work on your behalf.  The results will also inform our recruitment of volunteers as events were a very popular suggestion (see highlights #5, 3 and 2!), and we will need lots of volunteers to make them happen (hint hint nudge nudge see highlight #1).  We know this will be difficult (see #4) but we were pleasantly surprised how many of you are interested in getting involved (as per #1).  Without further ado, here are 6 highlights from the results:

6. Marda Gras was the most well attended non-MLCA event in the community for our respondents, with 61% reporting that they attended.  This was followed by Stampede Breakfast with 54%, and Block Party with 23%.

5.  The Farmer’s Market was the most popular MLCA event for our respondents, attended by 66% of them.  This was followed by Indulge at 22%, and Peanuts Soccer and Swim Lessons tying at 19%.

4.  Community residents are very busy people, with 36% reporting that they do not attend more MLCA programs, events, and activities because they happen at inconvenient times, and the most common theme in the “other category” being that they were busy or had other priorities, as described by 25 people.

3.  The program, event, or activity that the most people wanted to see MORE of in 2015 was Special Events at 55%, followed by Children’s Programs at 43% and Adult Programs at 36%.

2.  When asked for SPECIFIC ideas for programs, events, or activities they would like to see the MLCA organize or sponsor in the future, the most common response was art classes at 26 mentions, followed by concerts at 15 mentions, and fireside chat or speakers at 8 mentions.

1.  102 respondents said that they wanted to volunteer for a committee or event!  Unfortunately not all of them gave us their name and contact info.  If that was you, please contact us!  Or if you did not volunteer on the survey, but really want to see those events happen, contact us!  Email our Director of Volunteers, Catherine Fraser, at

See our Community Survey Results here : SURVEY RESULTS