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Marda Loop Communities Photo Contest

First Annual Photo Contest

The MLCA is very proud to introduce our annual photo contest! Here’s your chance to submit photos for a chance to win prizes, display, and acclaim! Using our beautiful neighborhoods as a canvas, we want you to take six to eight photos that convey a theme about life, people, or activity around us.

The winning contestant will have their series of photos displayed in the MLCA hall. Each September, a new series will be chosen for display.

What to submit:

A series of six to eight photos taken around the Marda Loop communities and which have a theme that links them in some way. The theme needs to be very clear to anyone viewing the photos. For example ‘plants and gardens’ would be a suitable theme. However, a theme such as ‘pictures taken on a Monday’ would NOT be clear.

Deadline for entries is Aug 31, 2018 Midnight MST.

How to submit:

You should receive a reply confirmation email that we have received your photos. If you do not receive such a confirmation within 72 hours, please send an email (with no attachments) to letting us know.


Your photos will be enlarged to poster size and prominently displayed on the walls of the MLCA lower hall.  There will also be a recognition panel listing your name and the year you won the contest. Your marvelous achievement will also be noted on all of the MLCA social media platforms.

There is also cash prize of $100.

Questions can be sent to:


  By submitting your photo to our contest, you acknowledge that they are your original work, you own the copyright to them, and that they have never been published elsewhere.

  Winning entries must be able to be printed at poster-size. Ensure you take your photos at a high enough resolution/pixel count.

  All submissions to the contest become the property of the Marda Loop Communities Association, are released from any restrictions, and are usable by the Marda Loop Communities Association for any purpose.

  The winner will be contacted by phone or email on or about September 15, 2018.

  You are welcome to submit as a group or team. However, there will only be one set of prizes awarded.

      Photos must be taken without violating any law, statute, ordinance, or regulations.