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Becoming a Vendor


Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor at the Marda Loop Farmers' Market. We are proud to serve as the public venue for the many wonderful farms and home-based growers, bakers, specialty food producers and artisans our area has to offer.

We are expanding our market in 2017 and want to hear from you!

Whether you are an experienced vendor or are new to marketing, it's easier than you might think to bring your locally-made, baked or grown goods to market!

Step 1: See if You Qualify

Marda Loop Farmers Market is primarily interested in showcasing locally grown, raised, sourced and produced products. We are an Alberta Approved Farmers' Market, and as such we strive to exceed minimum requirements that 80% of all products for sale at our market are made, baked or grown locally. This allows for the sale of a small number of items that cannot be grown/sourced locally (ie: fruits from British Columbia), as well as value-added products containing ingredients not originating in Alberta.

We encourage and prioritize the following at our market:

We will not accept the following items at our market:

Step Two: Learn the Market Rules, Regulations and Obligations

Please familiarize yourself with market activities, rules, regulations and expectations as outlined in the 2017 Farmers Market Vendor Handbook.

Step Three: Submit your Application

Download, print and fill out our 2017 Vendor Application. Although you require other documents before the season begins (as detailed in the following step), you can send us your filled out application first as long as you provide all the required documents to us before the first day you are approved to vend in the market.

Mail, email or deliver your application, application fee and all supporting documents to the Farmers' Market Manager to our office at the address below:

Marda Loop Farmers' Market
c/o Marda Loop Communities Association
3130 16 Street SW Calgary, AB T2T 4G7

Step Four: Additional Requirements

If you sell food, you are required to complete a Homestudy and be aware of the Food Handling Requirements from Alberta Health Services. You can still send in your application before you have obtained those certifications, as long as you send the Market Manager a copy before the first day you have been approved to vend. All vendors must be aware of, and fulfil all applicable requirements for Market Labeling, Handwashing Stations, and Sanitization Solutions as regulated by Alberta Health Services.

ALL VENDORS require market insurance. The Alberta Farmers' Market Association offers an insurance plan for all of their members. Alternatively, you can have the Marda Loop Communities Association included as an additional insured to your existing insurance plan.

Step Five: Application Review and Vendor Notification

The Marda Loop Farmers Market is committed to creating a diverse marketplace with the highest quality, locally produced products available. Our selection process takes into consideration many factors, including product quality, sourcing, growing/production practices, presentation, market history, pricing, and the right product mix to ensure a successful market for all.

* The Marda Loop Farmers Market will review all applications and be in contact with prospective vendors within two weeks of receipt of their application.

* Applicants not invited to attend this season are most welcome to reapply the following season